Plastic surgeon George Dr. Sas

Welcome to the Dr. Sas Clinic website.

By browsing through our pages you may gain familiarity with our Clinic and find answers to questions concerning plastic surgical interventions. Our activities are highlighted by focused explanations and photographs.
Cell phone: 00-36-209-275-475

My motto: Only the best software (professional familiarity) and the best hardware (well equipped clinic) can work together ideally.

I’ve been in the operating room for over thirty two years, being familiar with not only plastic surgery but general and vascular surgery as well.
I gained the bulk of my plastic surgical experience int he „Mecca of Esthetical Surgery:” the United States ( New York, Texas) but my professional travels also included Toronto, Geneva, Paris, with trips also to Germany and Mexico. I hold continuing medical education highly important, therefore, I regularly attend both domestic as well as foreign courses, seminars, and congresses.
We require appointments set up by phone but information regarding procedures, healing, techincal matters are given in person during an office visit. Detailed information is not given out by phone to avoid missunderstandings.
A consultation, office visit lasts roughly an hour during which your questions will be answered.
Costs of procedures are given out only after detailed examination.
Ninety percent of the surgeries performed at our Clinic are done under general anesthesia, with a 24hr. overnight observation. We assure that our procedures are completely painless.
Although complications can never be completely avoided, plastic surgery is the most „risk-free,” of surgical interventions.
The plastic surgeon is not „God.” Therefore, he works with „provided material,” correcting that which Nature has not provided or provided too much of.

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